Thursday, 21 July 2011

Tall Ships

The Tall Ships Races kick off in Lerwick today. We can hear the sound checks from the stages along the harbour ahead of the first concerts this afternoon, and there are lots of visitors and sailors milling around. It's all a little bit exciting!

Truth be told, we've been looking forward to this weekend for a little while, and Sandra couldn't help but design a special edition Tall Ships Toorie pattern featuring sea, sky, sails, boats, anchors and the obligatory Shetland flag!

PS. This post is also a warning that this woolly blog is going to turn into a blog full of sails for a couple of days. You can spy on all the ships arriving in real time (and this morning's well timed rain shower) with Promote Shetland's  harbour webcam (hint: town centre cam is probably quite amusing from mid afternoon into the wee small hours).

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