Monday, 18 July 2011

The loveliest 50 things you ever did see!

We just got a (late) delivery of Lucinda Guy's new book 'Knitting Motifs for Babies and Kids' and oh my goodness, we're totally smitten. The book of 50 charted designs, in Jamieson & Smith yarn, are just so lovely. The first section has ridiculously helpful advice on choosing colours and yarn, and placing motifs. The designs are then split into sections, and are followed by helpful instructions on finishing and using different stitches and techniques.

Although these motifs have been developed for little ones, I think they can work just as well on adults garments. I'd like a kitsch cardigan with little kettles and flowers. Well, actually... I'd like  one with carrots and radishes, one with elephants and hearts, one with birds and cats, and a big sloppy jumper with robots... I could go on and on, there are so many combinations and oh, have a look for yourself.


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