Monday, 16 May 2011


We're a part of the lovely shiny new, first-ever, Shetland Arts and Crafts Craft Trail.

The trail is a brilliant guide to around forty craftspeople, artists and their related shops and outlets and their workshops or studios – sometimes purpose built and professional; sometimes just a corner of a house.

Some J&S friends include: Shetland Handspun (Elizabeth spends a lot of time downstairs, carefully choosing her fleeces before she does her magic making); Aamos Designs (the newest addition to the J&S Cooperative - online soon); Phatsheep Textiles (we have the crofthouse and ganzie prints as curtains in the store and love the shop); Journey Man Leather (for trusty knitting belts); Ninian/Joanna (who stock J&S rugs and put our Supreme to good use), and Paparwark Furniture (remember the trophy?).


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