Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Elliot Atkinson

There's something mysterious in the air. At J&S HQ we're experiencing all these funny coincidences and silly things happening. It feels a bit like the world keeps dropping us lovely things (which is good because we need some cheering up this week).

The most common of these nice things is that some of my favourite designers keep appearing in our order inbox. The latest of these is Elliot Atkinson, who conjured up the jumper above for AW2011 using Jamieson & Smith Shetland Aran (photograph by Christopher Moore). 

I'm feeling very smug about this on a whole other level, because look at my new cardigan (below), hand-knitted last week in the same yarn: Shetland Aran BSS16, which is a natural white. It's so cosy and ridiculously soft that I've not even taken it off for long enough to sew the buttons on. It may have to be surgically removed before it becomes permanently attached, or starts affecting my core body temperature. 



  1. this child needs to be fed

  2. While you feed the child, I'll make off with the cardigan!

  3. I think your cardi is nicer than the designer sweater :-) And yes, the child needs loads of fudder.

  4. All I could look at was the model who needs to be on a proper nutritional diet!!! This is all wrong.