Tuesday, 16 August 2011


Part of a load of wool waiting to go out for processing. The numbers scrawled on each 275kg (roughly) bale identify the grade of wool, as well as the local wool grower it came from. These identifiers stay with the wool right through all stages of the process, both electronically and in huge marker pen, so we know who and where it came from. All we need now is a computer genius who can give us a system to let customers trace their products back to the origin, Original Beans style. Anybody?!

The photo was taken by Stuart when our first load of the season went out (which feels like forever ago now because we've put a few out since!). Stuart is back for the summer being indispensible in the wool store and just generally keeping us all entertained. He's off to the mainland for a week doing architecture stuff, and is apparently missing the rock already:

I finally got yun photo aff my phone if do wants it.

P.S. Canna wait tae get back....am so fed up.


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