Friday, 3 June 2011

Aaaw, too cute


There was a little girl in the J&S yarn store the other day wearing the most gorgeous Shetland Lace bonnet in 2ply lace weight, secured with ribbons under her little chin. It instantly reminded us of this too cute bairns cockleshell scarf in 2ply Lace Weight on the Shetland Museum and Archives Photo Library. Doesn't it make you think of a little cutie pie toddling off to school wrapped up in a wool coat and a hat, complete with scarf? We think it's something about the combination of the shape and the old fashioned colours (I'm thinking L1, L3 AND L4) that is so evocative.

Have a peep here at our cockleshell stole kit. Remember you can mix and match shades from the 2ply Lace Weight collection, or the 1 ply Cobweb, and pop them in the 'Delivery and Order Options' box at checkout. My two favourite cockleshells are a short scarf that tucks in to a jacket collar in blues and browns, and a really wide, really long one in black jumper weight yarn.

Oh so versatile, the old cockleshell!


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