Wednesday, 20 April 2011


So you've probably heard of Woolsack by now, a project to knit and gift a cushion of British Wool to every athlete taking part in the Olympics and Paralympics in London, 2012.

Well, we figured that it was only right, in a project spanning the whole country, that the most Northerly sheep were involved. So, in line with the whole loving giving feeling, we're giving a 15% discount on special Lucky Dip cushion packs and Woolsack Cushion Kits made from our lovely Shetland Sheep.

We each designed our own cushion, even the boys (hilarious watching them charting and hithering and dithering over shades in their boiler suits!). Oliver's design, inspired by the iconic image of the London Eye and the meeting of different cultures during the games, is definitely the best one so far. Derek and June's designs are still to come.

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