Thursday, 13 January 2011


Angela Irvine popped into Jamieson & Smith HQ today to discuss a very exciting project that will be revealed shortly.

Seeing her reminded me of two things: what an incredibly talented designer she is, and that the Shetland Museum and Archives recently launched their online shop where you can buy, among other things:

pieces by Angela...

and the scarves from the Shetland Fine Lace Project (see my post here) in their beautiful bespoke boxes. The scarves come with a 10 minute DVD and a beautiful little book giving a historical and cultural background to Shetland Fine Lace and Shetland Wool, as well as information on the inspiration of the knitters who made the scarves.

1 Shetland Snood by Angela Irvine 2 Shetland Fine Lace Scarf by Hazel Laurenson

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