Monday, 8 November 2010

It's official...

Real Shetland Wool is one of the most environmentally friendly fibres ever. Not only is it naturally sustainable because of the sheeps habitat and diet, but Haworth Scouring Company Ltd in Bradford, who scoure our lovely wol for us, have just been awarded the first Environmental Care Certificate for Wool Scouring

Dr Mike Madden, head of ENco, said: "At this point Haworth can rightly claim to be industry leaders."

David Gisbourne, Managing Director of Haworth Scouring, said "We are the largest wool processor and comber of our kind in the Northern Hemisphere and possibly the world and we are acutely aware of our responsibilities to the environment. We expect others to follow our lead."

Of course, we already knew they were brilliant, but this is such good news! Congratulations Haworth!

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